If I had to sum up what my artwork is all about in just a few words, it would be to "let the child inside go out to play". Trust your basic instincts and let go of the reins. This is something I discovered early on in my art career. If you ignore this, it will get you into trouble.

While it might be very well to copy what you see, it is better to copy what you see or feel in your mind, then you are freed from the restrictions imposed by nature. Once more, I consider the act of painting or drawing to be similar to an electrocardiogram of my deepest feelings, and as such, these feelings are often primordial and mysterious in nature.

The measure of a successful work of art may well be how many interpretations or impressions it elicits from the viewers. And when viewing a work of art, ask not what does it mean, but rather, what emotions or feelings does it evoke? For example, would you look at a beautiful sunset, or listen to a wonderful Beethoven symphony and then ask, "what does it mean"? evoke?